Move-In & Out

When you are moving into a home, you want it to be clean and ready for you to begin setting up all the things that will make it your home. When you are moving out, you would like your home to be clean so that you do not face any resistance from your landlord when it comes to obtaining your initial deposit.

A clean home can be the difference between a smooth transition in or out of the home to the other

Move-in and out cleaning services include:

➤Dusting from the top of the house to the bottom of the house (light fixtures, ceilings, fans, corners, blinds, cabinets, baseboards, and more)
➤Mopping all floors
➤Appliance wipe down( sinks, ventilation hood, cabinets, countertops, refrigerator, oven, stovetop, and more)
➤Empty wastebaskets and all trash bins
➤Sanitize the bathroom ( cleanse, sanitize, and deodorize the toilet, shower, tub, sinks, and cabinets)