Deep Cleaning - House / Apartment

Our Deep cleans are also referred to as one-time, first-time, or specialty cleaning. Our deep clean service isn’t your regular basic cleaning service.

A deep cleaning reaches the unseen places where dirt and grime are hiding below the surface and removes them. Deep cleaning is required prior to tenants moving in or out, and when homeowners or renters want a deeper level of cleaning in their homes.

A deep cleaning encompasses places of your residence that your regular spring or annual cleaning just doesn’t reach. Such as:

➤Cleaning behind household appliances (kitchen, oven, refrigerator, washing machine)
➤Cleans dust and dirt within window panels and door frames
➤Removes dust from window blinds
➤Complete removal of dust and corner cobwebs
➤Grime removal from bathroom water buildup (tiles, showerhead, water tap)